Total Plastic Solutions, LLC Business Update Concerning Coronavirus 2020

Total Plastic Solutions, LLC knows that we are all following the development of the Coronavirus pandemic. These are undoubtedly uncharted waters.

We are closely monitoring developments concerning the epidemic, and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the well being of our employees and to prevent any potential business impact.

We want to assure you that none of the materials used to manufacture products at Total Plastic Solutions, LLC are currently affected by the Coronavirus.

At this time, we do not anticipate any availability issues over the new few months due to the Coronavirus as we maintain an excellent safety stock of resin-based on material usage.

Total Plastic Solutions, LLC has a Business Continuity Plan in place to handle any foreseeable emergencies, and we are in contact with our suppliers, which we have asked all of them for similar information.

These actions will further prepare us for the next steps along these uncharted waters.