Artificial Intelligence seems to be the hot topic for 2023.  It is already having a significant impact on next generation software, hardware, and systems development.  But did you know that it has the potential to transform contract manufacturing by introducing various advancements and streamlined processes?  What are some ways in which AI is expected to impact contract manufacturing?

  • Predictive Maintenance: AI can enable predictive maintenance by analyzing data from sensors and equipment. It can detect patterns, identify potential failures, and schedule maintenance activities proactively. This helps minimize downtime and optimize production schedules.
  • Quality Control: AI algorithms can enhance quality control processes by analyzing large amounts of data from production lines. It can identify defects, anomalies, and variations, allowing for real-time adjustments and reducing the chances of defective products reaching the market.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: AI can optimize supply chain management by analyzing historical data, market trends, and demand patterns. It can help forecast demand, optimize inventory levels, identify the most efficient shipping routes, and streamline procurement processes.
  • Process Automation: AI-powered robots and automation systems can automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks in manufacturing, improving efficiency and reducing costs. This includes tasks such as assembly, packaging, material handling, and more.
  • Enhanced Resource Allocation: AI can assist in resource allocation by analyzing data on resource availability, production schedules, and demand forecasts. It can optimize the allocation of machinery, equipment, and human resources, ensuring efficient utilization and cost savings.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems: AI can enable intelligent manufacturing systems that can learn and adapt to changing conditions. Through machine learning algorithms, these systems can continuously improve efficiency, productivity, and output quality by identifying optimization opportunities and making real-time adjustments.
  • Real-time Data Analysis: AI can process and analyze large volumes of real-time data from connected devices, sensors, and production equipment. This allows manufacturers to gain valuable insights into operational performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Customization and Personalization: With AI, contract manufacturers can leverage data analytics and machine learning to offer customized and personalized products efficiently. AI algorithms can analyze customer preferences and historical data to provide tailored manufacturing solutions, allowing for greater flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Despite these many improvements, it’s important to note the potential for operational disruptions.  So, finding a contract manufacturing partner that knows how to implement new technologies without missing a beat will be vital to maintaining a healthy supply chain.  At Total Plastic Solutions, we have a long track record of meeting customer expectations while staying on the cutting edge of industry developments.  TPS looks forward to hearing from OEMs looking for a best practices supplier to help solve their next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution. For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or at (513) 289-1868.


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Do Business with a Private Company

Doing business with a private company can provide significant advantages over dealing with the limitations of a publicly held contract manufacturer:

  • Flexibility and agility: Private companies often have more flexibility in decision-making and can quickly adapt to changing project initiatives and market conditions. They can implement innovative strategies and respond swiftly to customer needs without being burdened by extensive bureaucratic processes.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Private companies are typically driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing them to take calculated risks, pursue new opportunities, and foster innovation. This can result in dynamic and creative solutions that cater to evolving market demands and customer requirements.
  • Personalized service: Private companies often emphasize building strong customer relationships. They may offer more personalized and attentive customer service compared to larger public corporations, leading to a more tailored experience, rapid response, and better satisfaction.  Privately held companies can adapt to the needs of their customers rather than create frustration that results from dealing with the rigid systems found at large corporations.
  • Confidentiality: Private companies are not subject to the same disclosure requirements as publicly traded companies. They can maintain confidentiality regarding their operations, financials, strategies, and proprietary capabilities which can be advantageous for innovative OEM customers.

Finding a contract manufacturing partner that offers all these benefits while maintaining a strong financial foundation is the key. At Total Plastic Solutions, we have no long-term debt with most capital investments being self-funded from our strong balance sheet.  TPS consistently strives to meet our customers’ high expectations and ensure long-lasting relationships with our business partners.  TPS looks forward to hearing from OEM’s looking for a supplier to help solve their next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution. For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or at (513) 289-1868.

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Brand Identity Mold Plastic Injection Company

Can your Contract Manufacturer mix, match, and injection mold custom color components with an exceptional level of Quality Control?  At Total Plastic Solutions, we offer the option to create colors that can provide several benefits to our customers. Here are some advantages:

  • Customization: Mixing and matching colors allows customers to achieve unique and personalized products. It enables them to select specific color combinations that align with their branding, product design, or personal preferences. This level of customization can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the product.
  • Branding and Differentiation: For businesses, the ability to mix and match colors in injection molding can be crucial for brand recognition and differentiation. It allows them to create products that feature their distinct color schemes, making them easily recognizable in the market. This can help establish a strong brand identity and improve customer loyalty.
  • Product Variation: Offering a range of color options enables customers to diversify their product offerings. They can cater to different customer preferences and target various market segments. By providing a wider selection of colors, custom injection molders can help their customers expand their product lines and potentially attract a broader customer base.
  • Marketing and Sales: Color plays a significant role in consumer psychology and product perception. By allowing customers to mix and match colors, injection molders can help businesses create visually appealing products that catch the attention of potential buyers. This can positively impact marketing efforts, increase product visibility, and potentially drive sales.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Custom injection molders that offer color mixing capabilities can also benefit customers during the prototyping and testing stages. They can produce prototypes with different color variations, allowing customers to evaluate the visual aspects of their designs and make informed decisions before proceeding to mass production.

It’s important to note that not all injection molders offer the availability and extent of color mixing options. Customers should inquire about the specific capabilities, processes, and costs associated with color mixing before engaging a particular manufacturer. At Total Plastic Solutions, we know that having the exact color, consistently blended for all products, is a critical element to identifying your brand identity. Our total color quality protocols ensure that we consistently meet our customer’s high expectations.

TPS looks forward to hearing from potential customers looking for a supplier to help solve their next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution. For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.

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COVID-19 certainly changed our lives in many ways… health, jobs, family, lifestyle, and everything else.  But what impact did the global pandemic have on how companies make purchasing decisions? What changes have sourcing professionals implemented now that things have “gotten back to normal”? Here’s some of the recent trends…

  • Dependence on a single supplier or country is risky: Many companies had become heavily reliant on a single supplier or country for their goods, which proved to be a risky strategy during the pandemic. When China shut down its factories and ports, for example, many businesses that depended on Chinese suppliers were left without the products they needed.
  • Diversification of suppliers and supply chain is important: To mitigate the risk of disruptions, diversification of suppliers and supply chains is critical. This means identifying and developing relationships with multiple suppliers and building redundancy into the supply chain.
  • Visibility and transparency are crucial: The pandemic highlighted the importance of visibility and transparency in supply chains. Companies need to know where their products are coming from and who their suppliers are, so they can quickly respond to disruptions.
  • Agility and flexibility are essential: The pandemic showed that supply chains need to be agile and flexible. Companies that were able to pivot quickly to alternative suppliers, modes of transport, and production processes were better able to weather the disruptions.
  • Resilience planning is necessary: Resilience planning is critical for businesses to survive and thrive in the face of unexpected disruptions. Companies need to identify potential risks, assess their impact, and develop contingency plans to mitigate them.

Overall, the pandemic has highlighted the need for businesses to reassess their supply chain strategies and develop more resilient, diversified, transparent, and agile supply chains. Total Plastic Solutions worked hand in hand with our customers through these difficult times to minimize any impact to their bottom lines. TPS looks forward to hearing from sourcing professionals looking for a supplier to help solve their next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution.

For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.


In-mold decorating (IMD) is a process in which a pre-printed label or graphic is placed inside a mold before injection molding, resulting in a decorated finished product. Total Plastic Solutions can work with you to realize some of the benefits of IMD including:

  • Durable and scratch-resistant: The graphics and labels are protected by the molded plastic, making them highly durable and resistant to scratches and wear.
  • Aesthetic appeal: IMD allows for highly detailed graphics and labels that are integrated seamlessly into the final product, resulting in a highly aesthetic and visually appealing appearance.
  • Cost-effective: IMD can be a cost-effective alternative to other decorating methods, such as pad printing, painting or hot stamping, as it eliminates the need for additional decorating steps.
  • Design flexibility: IMD allows for a high degree of design flexibility, including the ability to incorporate multiple colors and textures, and to customize designs for individual products.
  • Production efficiency: IMD is a highly automated process, allowing for high-volume production with minimal labor costs and reduced material waste.
  • Brand recognition: IMD can help to enhance brand recognition by providing a highly visible and distinctive product appearance that can be easily recognized by customers.

Successful In-Mold Decorating projects depend on a strong relationship between product development and manufacturing partners. Total Plastic Solutions looks forward to helping you solve your next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution.

For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.

Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Plastic Processing


Total Plastic Solutions is constantly looking for opportunities to utilize green polymers and make the injection molding process more energy efficient.  How can we all contribute toward a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process?

  • Integrating recycled plastic: Many custom injection molders are encouraging their OEM customers to allow recycled plastic in their products to reduce the amount of virgin plastic needed. This helps to reduce the use of new resources and to prevent plastic waste from ending up in the environment.
  • Using Bioplastics: Biopolymers are made from renewable resources such as corn starch, sugar cane, and potato starch rather than fossil fuels. These plastics are biodegradable and can be broken down by natural processes, reducing plastic pollution. They are even used in medical applications where the implant can be resorbed safely by the human body.
  • Increasing energy efficiency: TPS is focused on reducing the energy needed to produce plastic by improving their manufacturing processes and using renewable energy sources.
  • Developing compostable plastics: Compostable plastics can be broken down into organic matter in a composting environment, reducing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills or ending up in the environment.
  • Innovating with new materials: Plastic processors are exploring new materials that are more sustainable, such as plant-based materials or algae-based plastics. A rather novel new technology involves embedding polyester-eating enzymes in the plastic that degrade the polymer chains.

Total Plastic Solutions is working toward decreasing the impact of plastic on the environment and are proponents of efforts being made to create a greener future for plastic processing.

For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.

Scientific Injection Molding Experts


At Total Plastic Solutions, we are experts in utilizing Scientific Injection Molding to produce superior results for customers’ demanding requirements.

Scientific, decoupled, and intelligent molding are commonly used terms within the plastics industry to describe an injection molding methodology that allows for consistent, repeatable parts to be efficiently produced in a system with many sources of variation.

  • Scientific molding involves a data-driven approach to injection molding, with process parameters and materials carefully selected and monitored to ensure optimal performance.
  • Decoupled molding separates the different stages of the injection molding process, allowing for greater control over each stage and enabling more precise adjustment of process parameters.
  • Intelligent molding uses advanced sensors and software to monitor the injection molding process in real-time, allowing for continuous adjustment and optimization of process parameters to achieve optimal results.

Together, these three approaches enable injection molders to produce high-quality, consistent parts more efficiently and with greater precision than traditional injection molding methods.

TPS looks forward to helping you solve your next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution!

For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.

Total Plastic Solutions Recycled Bio Degradable Plastics Alert

As many companies work toward reaching their goals as part of the US Plastics Pact, TPS is poised to work with you to produce plastic products with increased recycled material content as well as products produced with Bio-degradable polymers. We have complete mold building capabilities and can build a prototype mold to produce any product needed for marketing and testing activities.

We stand ready to help.

For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.

We are living through history, and that can sometimes be hard to handle. We know there are so many industries that are being debilitated by the lockdown and restrictions on international imports.

We want to share with our customers and our followers that we are in close contact with our plastic suppliers daily and sometimes hourly to ensure that we are meeting our promise to our customers with high-quality products and customer service.

We take pride in the opportunity to provide products to our customers during these uncertain times. There are measures in place to stay lean on waste and recycle materials that become waste; this has always been one of Total Plastic Solutions, LLC green initiatives.

Working closely with our customers and staying committed to you, ensuring that you can fulfill your obligations to your clients. Don’t hesitate to call upon us to fulfill your commitments; we’d love to chat.

Total Plastic Solutions, LLC knows that we are all following the development of the Coronavirus pandemic. These are undoubtedly uncharted waters.

We are closely monitoring developments concerning the epidemic, and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the well being of our employees and to prevent any potential business impact.

We want to assure you that none of the materials used to manufacture products at Total Plastic Solutions, LLC are currently affected by the Coronavirus.

At this time, we do not anticipate any availability issues over the new few months due to the Coronavirus as we maintain an excellent safety stock of resin-based on material usage.

Total Plastic Solutions, LLC has a Business Continuity Plan in place to handle any foreseeable emergencies, and we are in contact with our suppliers, which we have asked all of them for similar information.

These actions will further prepare us for the next steps along these uncharted waters.