Total Plastic Solutions, LLC April 2020 Business Update Concerning Coronavirus, COVID-19

We are living through history, and that can sometimes be hard to handle. We know there are so many industries that are being debilitated by the lockdown and restrictions on international imports.

We want to share with our customers and our followers that we are in close contact with our plastic suppliers daily and sometimes hourly to ensure that we are meeting our promise to our customers with high-quality products and customer service.

We take pride in the opportunity to provide products to our customers during these uncertain times. There are measures in place to stay lean on waste and recycle materials that become waste; this has always been one of Total Plastic Solutions, LLC green initiatives.

Working closely with our customers and staying committed to you, ensuring that you can fulfill your obligations to your clients. Don’t hesitate to call upon us to fulfill your commitments; we’d love to chat.