Scientific Injection Molding Experts

Scientific Injection Molding Experts


At Total Plastic Solutions, we are experts in utilizing Scientific Injection Molding to produce superior results for customers’ demanding requirements.

Scientific, decoupled, and intelligent molding are commonly used terms within the plastics industry to describe an injection molding methodology that allows for consistent, repeatable parts to be efficiently produced in a system with many sources of variation.

  • Scientific molding involves a data-driven approach to injection molding, with process parameters and materials carefully selected and monitored to ensure optimal performance.
  • Decoupled molding separates the different stages of the injection molding process, allowing for greater control over each stage and enabling more precise adjustment of process parameters.
  • Intelligent molding uses advanced sensors and software to monitor the injection molding process in real-time, allowing for continuous adjustment and optimization of process parameters to achieve optimal results.

Together, these three approaches enable injection molders to produce high-quality, consistent parts more efficiently and with greater precision than traditional injection molding methods.

TPS looks forward to helping you solve your next complex engineering problem with an elegant contract manufacturing solution!

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