Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Plastic Processing

Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Plastic Processing


Total Plastic Solutions is constantly looking for opportunities to utilize green polymers and make the injection molding process more energy efficient.  How can we all contribute toward a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process?

  • Integrating recycled plastic: Many custom injection molders are encouraging their OEM customers to allow recycled plastic in their products to reduce the amount of virgin plastic needed. This helps to reduce the use of new resources and to prevent plastic waste from ending up in the environment.
  • Using Bioplastics: Biopolymers are made from renewable resources such as corn starch, sugar cane, and potato starch rather than fossil fuels. These plastics are biodegradable and can be broken down by natural processes, reducing plastic pollution. They are even used in medical applications where the implant can be resorbed safely by the human body.
  • Increasing energy efficiency: TPS is focused on reducing the energy needed to produce plastic by improving their manufacturing processes and using renewable energy sources.
  • Developing compostable plastics: Compostable plastics can be broken down into organic matter in a composting environment, reducing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills or ending up in the environment.
  • Innovating with new materials: Plastic processors are exploring new materials that are more sustainable, such as plant-based materials or algae-based plastics. A rather novel new technology involves embedding polyester-eating enzymes in the plastic that degrade the polymer chains.

Total Plastic Solutions is working toward decreasing the impact of plastic on the environment and are proponents of efforts being made to create a greener future for plastic processing.

For more information contact Jay Haverstraw via email or over the phone at (513) 289-1868.