Medical Market

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Already a $56 billion industry in the United States, the Medical product market shows no signs of slowing in coming years, in particular due to the continued innovation in injection molded medical devices, according to a recent article published in PlasticsNews this month.

While the medical market also includes unique challenges for manufacturers–strict FDA regulations, for one, as well as the ever-changing needs of those who are in need of medical products–these challenges are creating opportunities for manufacturers and product developers who are willing to look outside the box to stay competitive.

Some of the projected growth areas include new developments in thermoplastic engineering resins and a rising differentiating force for the businesses who maintain high levels of expertise in thermoplastic resins and materials selection. Other manufacturers have chosen smart investments in new technology that makes manufacturing more cost effective and efficient through automation and other process improvements.

Here at Tessy Plastics, we are continuing business as usual, including frequent investments in new equipment like our recent purchase of a new Arburg vertical clamp injection molding machine to add additional capacity while speeding up production, as well as our continuing focus providing the highest level of engineering and technical support, whether you need us for materials selection or to help guide product design with our Early Supplier Involvement.

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