• Manufacturing Efficiency, ISO 14001 Initiatives

Energy Conserving Efforts

  • Skylights installed for natural lighting to reduce electric usage

  • Plant lighting converted to LED

  • Employees are required to turn off all office equipment completely before they leave each day

Reducing Waste & Environmental Impact

  • Implemented paperless delivery system

  • All electric Nissan Leaf company vehicle

  • High speed air hand dryers installed to eliminate paper waste

  • Expanding our use of electronic transactions with customers and vendors to reduce paper waste

Recycling Efforts

  • Set up parts and melt purge are pelletized for reprocessing or sold for recycle

  • Our staff recycles shrink-wrap and cardboard whenever possible

Creative Reuse

  • Used shipping pallets are being reconditioned and reused in the TPS warehouse

Initiatives on the Horizon

  • Motion-detecting light switches and high-efficiency light bulbs and fixtures being installed

  • Replace all computer monitors with more efficient and eco-friendly LCD’s

  • Sensor flush valves that control water flow to be installed in restrooms